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As the caption says, this week is the time to submit our VISA FORM. The thing is there are lot of details I cannot fill-out yet. I plan to submit and apply for a student visa this coming Monday (August 22, 2016). Japan Embassy in my country (Philippines) set visa application from 8:40 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. only (Monday to Friday). For some of you who are on the same page with me, I hope this blog entry can help you soon! (although details may of course vary from case to case basis). You may want to email your sensei/ lab staff in this format.

I emailed my sensei's assistant Professor asking the following details:

Dear Prof. Ery,


I will visit Japan embassy on Monday and submit all requirements needed. However, there are some details asked in the visa application form that I hope you can help me with or clarify. Here are the following details asked:

Intended length of stay: ( 2 years? although the program is 5 years, I understand that I can only write what's written based on the certificate given to me)

Date of arrival in Japan: in the visa sample given, October 2016 (with no exact day) was written. I am confused as to whether I would write the exact day of my flight (which I don't have as of the moment), or just stick with October 2016.

Port of Entry: Kansai Airport?
Name of Ship/ Airline: No idea

Name and address of hotels/persons with whom applicant intends to stay:
Since I am applying for a student visa for 2 years, I wonder if the information I would write here is the hotel I would be staying for 1-2 days or the dormitory I would be assigned to. The problem here is I don't know any details yet with regards to my dormitory. Name, Telephone Number and Address are asked.

Guarantor or reference in Japan:
Should I write your name Prof,Ery? or should it be Prof. Muranaka? Name, Tel.No., Address, Date of Birth, Occupation and Position, Nationality and Immigration status are asked.

Inviter in Japan: (same as the Guarantor right?)

Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Have a great day Prof.Ery!


I will update you guys once I receive Prof. Ery's reply.


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