Martes, Agosto 9, 2016


I sent them my pledge (this one is different, since it is a pledge stating that you're already a mext scholar). It must be printed in duplex form (back to back) in A4 size paper with printed (BLOCK LETTERS) name and affixed signature (hand written). It only took 2 days for my document to reach Osaka University. I airmailed it through LBC (August 2), and they received it  and emailed me of its arrival 2 days after (August 4). Minimum weight of document would cost you 1,250php.

Just the same day (August 4), I received the original (hard copy) certificate of my eligibility, stating that I am Osaka University and MEXT scholar and document for enrollment procedure. A two-page document sent through FedEx. It also took 2 days (August 2-4), before I received my certificate. On the enrollment procedure, I was informed to call Japan embassy for the issuance of mext scholar visa and that I should apply for a visa only after August 17. Also I was asked to prepare with me $2000 or equivalent, since stipend could only be received every end of the month. Also if you are a mext scholar, it is your University that will decide on which dorm you would stay.

Just 4 days after (August 8) admin section of Osaka University sent me an email with the request content of air flight ticket application form, and copy of passport, then email it to them. Basically, one just have to type in block letters your name and make sure that it is the same name printed in your passport, next info to be filled is the date of flight. You will be given two choices for the date of flight. In making this decision, one must consult the lab secretary, since you have to know when they will be able to pick you up from the airport and when dormitory will let you in.

On my case, my lab sec.specifically informed me that it is only September 28 that they can fetch me from the airport and that my dorm would let me in. However, I chose to set my flight (in my flight application form) on September 27 (1st choice) or September 26 (2nd choice). I need a day or two to spend with my former schoolmate who is now an M.S. Osaka Univ.graduate. She told me that my accommodation for a night or two would be free since the owner of the house/apartment is a Filipino too, so now I don't have to worry for my accommodation expenses. 
Also she will give me some of her winter clothes! (Yeah, 'cause you won't be able to wear them in our country, and it would be impractical to still bring it with you back to the Philippines). The best part of it is she will sell me her bicycle for a low price. 

Now the only problem is, who will fetch me then from Kansai airport? Whew. I really hope Filipino Society in Japan can help me with this, or I would have to overcome my weakness. I am directionally challenged mga BES! Haha!

So, GOOD LUCK to me!
I am currently trying to finish my thesis before I leave the country, so I will be very busy. However, I will try to keep you all posted!


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