Huwebes, Hulyo 28, 2016

MEXT Scholarship Email Confirmation

Hello guys (my beloved readers)!!! Yeah, I know I've been gone for a long time. Waiting for MEXT email confirmation became really frustrating. Like everyday I'd check my mail from time to time, waiting and hoping that MEXT would email me. It became more unbearable when some of the applicants, although at different Universities (Tokyo, Hokkaido?), were already notified by MEXT around last week of June! By the way if you've been reading my blog, I applied at Osaka University. Although the assistant/Secretary of my sensei already told me via email that I would receive my result by the end of JULY, hearing other applicants' results via as early as last week of JUNE, made me anxious. Why do they have to get theirs earlier than us? Why can't the results be released all at the same time? Don't get me wrong, I am truly genuinely happy that they're accepted by their Universities and so with MEXT scholarship haha! But during that time I was envious too. :P

We've been waiting for MEXT confirmation since April, and waiting for 4 more months for the official acceptance letter is NO JOKE.  I am currently finishing my M.S. Genetics degree at University of the Philippines (UPLB), and am about to finish my thesis, but lost motivation on the process :( So up until now I haven't finished my thesis. So a little bit of tip guys. While waiting for MEXT official decision whether they would grant you the scholarship or not, please try your best to focus on your unfinished businesses first. It would be worth your precious time than stare at your mail all day long! I swear! I regret wasting my time on leisure activities. Well, maybe, it's just me trying to divert my frustrations. Haha! Reasons!

So anyway, later I'd be visiting my campus to somehow resume my lab work and document my dormitory for my future blog entry. Today would be my last day in my dormitory. 

Hopefully  I'd be able to defend my thesis and finish my degree before my scheduled flight (between September 20- October 4). I still have at most 2 months. I have to make it happen! Haha! Anyway here's a screenshot of the email I received yesterday (July 28, 2016) around 6PM. Actually, it was my boyfriend who first saw it, since he has access to my Gmail account. So all the way from Jeddah, he called me and gave me the good news I've been waiting to hear. Honestly, it felt so good when the good news you've been anticipating to hear is being told by the person who is very close to your heart (too much sweetness in here, hello MAHAL! I hope you're reading this, and please don't get mad at me for sleeping late again)

Attached in the email are two files 1) Pledge (It's like a contract that I need to abide during my stay in Japan) and send them not later that August 5, so later I will send this document 2) Admin Process for visa and few more instructions regarding flights, expenses, and dormitory. Based on this second document, Osaka University would be the one to choose for my dormitory, and I have no say to whether it would be fine for me or not. Anyway, I'm not picky, I guess I'd be fine. Lastly, it was stated that I might arrive some time between September 20 to October 4. It is only then October 1 that dormitories would start receiving new international students. So they advise us to look for accommodation if we arrive days or weeks before October 1. They recommend for us to arrive before October 1 since we need to process papers (bank accounts, city hall residence etc.). So basically, I'd have to look for very very cheap accommodation. Plus we'd have to shoulder these expenses, since it is only around last week of October that we can get our stipend.

That's it for today!
An unexpected great news arrived in an unexpected day. Haha! 

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