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When your friends ask you, "where would you like to it?", and you don't want to answer them with the usual "KAHIT SAAN" phrase, then this blog could possibly help you :P

But if you're on a diet plan, you may stop reading my blog. I've WARNED you. I said SKIP THIS BLOG ENTRY. Alright then. As you wish. Hahahahaha >:)

I've got only 2 months now to finish my THESIS (aha!), so I'd be making lot (a number) of blog entries dedicated to my beloved University (UPLB). My next blog entry would probably be about my dorm? How about a DORM TOUR? Yes? :)

WARNING: Picture Heavy. These are the first 10 of the food store/ products I'd like to feature that can be visited/bought here @UPLB (or around). Photos will be numbered and discussed randomly. Here we go:

1. RISTRETTO  @VegaCenter
Well this is now renamed as ENTABLADO.
Same cozy environment, wherein you can still access FREE WIFI and now with additional entertainment (singers/bands). Before, I usually go here because of their sweets such as FUDGE BROWNIE or BLONDIE (60-70php). It melts in your mouth! and their pasta too!

2. SHAKE @VegaCenter
Oh I love this shake! I've been their patriotic customer for many years now. Real fruits are blended. You can have two variants of fruits for a single serving. I usually order Mango-Cucumber/ Apple-Cucumber / Carrot-Cucumber. The taste is so refreshing! They sell their shake for only 45php (Large) and 35php (Medium) and yes they don't have small size servings. Well I've been wondering for the basis of these sizes haha! 

3. CADAPANS @Raymundo
This canteen is well known for their chicken and unli-gravy. I used to eat here with my friends. Delicious food for a cheap price.

4. KFC near UPLB Gate
One of the nearest fast food chain @UPLB gate, together with McDo and Chowking. Krushers + Fully Loaded Meal would really be a good choice as comfort food. Alright! One of the reasons why I gained weight.

5. EGGS AND LUMPIA STORE near elbi convenience store
When I'm looking for a quick snack, I opt to buy lumpia from this mini-store, for only 10php each. I think quail eggs cost around 14 php for 4pcs. Is it pricey or what?

I forgot the name of this place. But I really love this cozy place. This is where I celebrated my birthday with a good friend of mine. See where I'm sitting at? Oh yes! That's a swing inside the restaurant. Isn't it cool?

I personally wouldn't want to recommend this. It's too pricey for just few strips of fries. Haha! Seriously I spent 90+php for few strips of fries. JUSTICE PLEASE! Right Kim? But I do really like the flavor. It may come with BBQ / sour and cream / cheese. But I'd rather have McDo fries to save few peso (plus it has more strips to offer).

8. JOLLIBEE @CentroMall
Yep. Our best friend! Hahahahahaha!
Who wouldn't be happy with a chicken that brings joy to everybody? Err.. And a spaghetti that is always jolly. Lol. So much happiness!

9. MERNEL'S CAKE along Grove
The world's most famous cake! (Claimed by this cake store) although I must agree! Its moist chiffon, creamy chocolate will surely melt in your mouth! Although I can only finish a thin slice of it. Very crave-satisfying, I must say.
UPLB is well-known for having this cake store. Favorite pasalubong together with Carabao/Choco milk, pastillas, white cheese, milk-o-gel. 

If you'd like to travel and tire yourself first before you get to eat, then feel free to travel for at least 30 mins. (If there's no heavy traffic *sigh)
Kenny Roger's and Korean Fast Food Chain

First batch of food stores to drop by Fellas!. I really would like to include here my personal favorites but I'd rather have them on my next blog entry since I don't have photos of them yet in my phone. Proventriculus (Proben), Bugong, Fishball!, to name a few. Haha! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Have a great day/night!
(Black out sucks!)

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