Lunes, Pebrero 15, 2016

Overview Part

Hi! This is my first time to create my very own blog. I've been wanting to blog few years ago, I do not know why it kept me this long to push through and argh! I am really excited to do this .. Lezz to this!    

So yeah! This is me! Quick Facts about me first:

  • UPLB MS Genetics "graduating" student (hopefully)
  • Church of Christ
  • Osaka University International Student (Soon)
These are just few info I would like to disclose as of the moment, maybe some time (in the future) we can, you know, try to exchange more personal info haha!

So for starters, here are some of the topics, I hope soon, can blog about. These are mainly my interests, which I can help you with beloved readers .. And for someone whom I do not share common interests with -> my bad :(  So now ..

                  1st Anniversary Surprise <3
      How to Survive Long-Distance Relationship

The Orchards: Soaps and Scents Product Review

                    Etude House Product Review

                     Ilocos Trip With Extenders


         Be admitted at Osaka University, Japan
                       with MEXT Scholarship

               Singapore Product Give-Away
                      2 for random readers <3
All for today <3 Till next blog :)

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